On each project, we focus on 3 key values:


Creative Experimentation + Excellence

We hold artists in high regard. We honor their ability to see the world in new ways. We see them for what they are, visionaries of our future. Because of this, we integrate creative experimentation and innovation of all kinds into our projects. We believe the arts are a vital and necessary part of human life.



We work with our residents and clients to create spaces and experiences that are not just engaging and beautiful, but also tailored to the people who live there. The community is the highest priority in everything we do.

This focuses results in the ability to re-activate a space, rather than re-building. There is a history here that goes back generations. Our wish is to celebrate the energy and culture of these spaces through our work, rather than re-building in a new, inauthentic image.

The integration of boundary-pushing art in these places allows space to express a vision for the future as well as instilling a sense of wonder in the people who experience it. We believe that this type of interaction with art unlocks potential and improves the human experience.


Equity + Inclusion

We believe that our residents, particularly from our communities of color, need to be at the forefront of conversations around decisions being made about their neighborhoods. Inclusion is about stripping away the barriers of access across all demographic boundaries while uplifting and empowering historically marginalized people.


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Public Engagement

We work with the public to foster excitement and true engagement so that residents are empowered to be champions of their space.

Event Production

Our events champion the magic and wonder of the community while celebrating heritage and creating new expectations of Detroit’s public spaces.

Public Art Programming

We see opportunities to integrate visual and performing arts in unexpected places.